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Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Increase of Joseph

Kingdom Entrepreneurship is a concept that the Lord has been releasing in a greater measure to the Body of Christ in the last decade.  Modern Day Josephs are being awakened by God in this hour to understand their role in the Kingdom.  Joseph was strategically sent to Egypt by the Lord Himself on a mission of […]


Career Advancement – Never Let the Dreamer In You Die!

If you are a Christian professional in the marketplace, it is easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, or distracted by the day to day drudgery of a job.  You, as a Modern Day Joseph, cannot afford to see yourself in just a job.  You must see yourself as having a God-given calling.  You must see yourself as […]


Leadership Training – The Famine of Inspired Leadership

There is a famine of inspired leadership in our country and world today.  Look at the national level with both parties seeming to blame one another without brining clear solutions to real problems that we are facing as a nation.  Look on the local level, and see that most politicians are more worried about image […]


Spiritual Gifts Training – Five-fold Ministry in the Marketplace

In this edition, we are going to look at the importance of using your God-given spiritual gifts in the marketplace. If there is a first step in finding your calling, purpose, sphere in the marketplace, or passion, it is to discover your spiritual gifts, natural talents, and personality type or your wiring. One of the […]


The Joseph Anointing – Anointed for Business

I am trying out a new blog cadence starting this week at Joseph’s Mantle and I would like some feedback on it. Here is my plan for the next month: Mondays are for Joseph Anointing Topics, Tuesdays are for Spiritual Gifts training, Wednesdays for Leadership tips, Thursdays for Career and Promotion advice, and Fridays are […]