Kevin Horn is an author, speaker, and Christian life coach dedicated to equipping Christians for their destiny.



Kevin was ordained by a council of elders to the Christian ministry in 2004 at a church in Virginia.  He is also a graduate of a two year school of ministry and he has completed several spiritual training programs offered by international ministries.  Over the last 15 years, Kevin has served in various church leadership positions as an associate pastor, outreach team coordinator, youth pastor,  prayer team leader, and as a praise team member.

Kevin has served the Lord in the Marketplace since 1994, and he has gained valuable experience as a Marketplace Minister, Consultant, and Kingdom Entrepreneur.

Kevin is married to Tiffany, the woman of his dreams.  Together, they are strong champions for godly marriage and they seek to model the relationship between Christ and His church.  They have been blessed by the Lord with three wonderful children – Emily, Samuel, and Julia.  They reside in Lebanon, Virginia and attend Lebanon Community Fellowship Church.


Joseph’s Mantle

Joseph’s Mantle was created to facilitate the equipping of a generation of Modern Day Josephs.  We seek to create an online community of Christians that have received a divine call from the Lord to serve in the Marketplace just as Joseph served in Egypt.

The purpose of Joseph’s Mantle is to train, empower, and equip Christians to understand and begin to walk in their divine call to the Marketplace.  We offer training and equipping programs in a variety of different formats such as online videos, audios, articles, teleseminars, webinars, and video training programs.   We look forward to working with you as you discover God’s call on your life and how to walk it out everyday.  You have a passion, gifts, and a destiny.  Start living in the reality of all three!

Everyone has been given gifts from God, and we want to help you discover and develop those gifts so that you can use them to make a great impact for the Kingdom of God where ever you are called.  Let us help you discover your destiny and start accomplishing the vision that God has placed in your heart.

 Kevin is available for speaking at your church, business, or training event.


Keynote Presentation:

The Call of Modern Day Josephs in the Marketplace

Kevin’s Keynote Presentation is on the Call of Modern Day Josephs in the Marketplace.

  • God has placed a calling upon certain Christians today as modern day Josephs.  In this enlightening presentation, Kevin explains how we are all uniquely gifted and empowered to minister in the Seven Mountains of the Marketplace and to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.  Kevin brings a revelatory understanding to this very important calling for this hour and extends a prophetic invitation for Christians to respond in faith to God.


Training Topics

Kevin’s training topics include:

12 Expressions of the Joseph Anointing

  • A Biblical teaching on the various aspects of the Joseph Anointing found in Genesis and other relevant scriptures that explain this special calling.

Modern Day Josephs

  • Applying the concepts of the Joseph Anointing to your destiny as well as your every day life.

Hearing God in the Marketplace

  • It is important for all Christians to know God’s voice and how to interpret what He is saying so that we can respond in obedience.  Learn the common ways God speaks, and hear examples of how divine insight has assisted Christians who are serving in the Marketplace.  Joseph was given understanding of dreams so that he could speak to Pharaoh.  Prepare yourself now so that you will be ready when called upon.  It will be sooner than you think.

Understanding and Interpreting Dreams

  • As a modern day Joseph, God is releasing understanding to interpret the dreams of the Pharaoh, the butler, and the baker.  Kevin has experience in Christian dream interpretation in the church and the marketplace.

The Joseph Mantle for the Seven Mountains of Culture

  • You are called to affect one of these seven mountains.  Discover which mountain God is sending you to in this exciting seminar.

Marketplace Ministry Training

  • Learn how to function with savvy in the Marketplace and shine your light as a Christian in the right way.  Ministerial ethics, etiquette, and protocol are important in the church, but it is even more important in the Marketplace.

Refined As Silver

  • The importance of Divine Preparation and Character Development for Leading as a modern day Joseph.

Destined for Leadership – The Call of Joseph to Lead

  • Leadership development and leadership dynamics in the Marketplace.  Discover where you are on the continuum of Leadership in God’s Kingdom.

Discovering and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Talents, & Abilities

  • This seminar walks each participant through a process of discovery and lays out a plan for developing their unique gift mix from the Lord.

Kingdom Business & Entrepreneurship – Increasing in the Marketplace

  •  Discover how God wants Christians to use their gifts to prosper and bring unique value to the sphere that He has called them.  Proverbs says that your gift will make room for you and bring you before kings.  Learn more about these dynamics in this inspiring and educational seminar.


Booking Information

For booking information, please call 276-608-8761 or email us at and include “Speaking Request” in the subject line.




Kevin’s ministry has been a vital part of my life. We have worshiped together prayed together, laughed together and cried together. The prophetic ministry in him is so powerful and specific you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have heard from God. I love the way God uses him.
– Elder Melvin Johnson
Pastor of Mount Calvary Community Church
Glade Spring, Virginia
Melvin & Dianna Johnson

Melvin & Dianna Johnson

Elisha had this to say after hearing Kevin’s message on “Living in Covenant with the Lord”:

“I’m so thankful that God gives us time to mull over one or two of His truths at a time instead of downloading it all on us at once. I think any more than a few truths at a time would be too much for our human minds to handle. Out of this sermon full of many truths I found it perfectly amazing that our God is so big that that no one name can describe Him, but He introduces himself to us as The God of Covenant. And I think He does that because he is most delighted by his beloved, beaming with pride in His bride the church, (that’s US!!!) Kevin’s words describe this loving covenant that God has with us, a covenant where God gives all to us and we are to do the same for Him. We working together in unity as the bride of Christ must give ourselves wholly to Him, in our work, in our fellowship, in our play, in all things we do. We are His beloved and He is ours and this is the greatest covenant of all time.”
– Dr. Elisha E. Wentz PharmD

Josh shares his experiences with Kevin:

“Kevin is a great friend and has been a big part of my spiritual walk.  He’s an inspiration in the way that he lives, evident through the love that he shows.  He’s a true man for God’s heart.  Kevin is an engaging and powerful speaker because he lives what he speaks!  In 2008, I recall a message that he shared on being ‘Refined as Silver’.  This message is a great reminder that God is always working on me to remove the chaff from my life to get to my heart.”
Josh Cook

Josh Cook


In true Marketplace fashion, Kevin gave Paula a word from the Lord in a coffee shop during a prophetic ministry team outreach:

“In 2007, my husband and I had twins named Caleb and Leah.  Before we knew we were having twins, we were at a coffee shop one evening and Kevin asked me if I had ever thought about twins.  His discernment of the pregnancy was right on and shows how strong his relationship with God is.  In his messages, Kevin does well in bringing his point across and he tunes in to the Holy Spirit.”
Paula Cook

Paula Cook