Career Advancement – Never Let the Dreamer In You Die!

If you are a Christian professional in the marketplace, it is easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, or distracted by the day to day drudgery of a job.  You, as a Modern Day Joseph, cannot afford to see yourself in just a job.  You must see yourself as having a God-given calling.  You must see yourself as having a career that will fulfills you and will prosper.  You need to constantly be seeking to advance where ever the Lord places you.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and bought by Potiphar.  He quickly went from being favored son to the bottom of society as a slave.  However, Joseph had to know that the Lord’s eye was on him.  I believe that was what kept Joseph going in Egypt as a slave.  Joseph served with excellence, and Potiphar and his household noticed.  Joseph was promoted to ruler of Potiphar’s house.  Joseph became so trusted that Potiphar only worried about what he would eat.  Joseph had advanced in a terrible situation.  Then being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was then unjustly thrown into prison.  Again, Joseph is taken from a place of power and influence to the lowest reaches of society with seemingly no influence.

See, the enemy will take your prophecy and do everything in his power to lie to you and tell you it is not coming to pass.  He will spit on your destiny and throw you into a prison of sorts to keep you from achieving the dreams in your heart from the Lord.  Joseph continues his excellence while in prison, and is made the manager of the prison.  Joseph also begins to serve with his gifts and begins to release God’s understanding and revelation to the hungry.  Joseph advances yet again, even while in prison.  The Lord was not done with his promotion of Joseph.  Eventually, Joseph is called before the Pharaoh and is called to interpret his dreams.  Joseph releases the wisdom of God, and is then promoted to prime minister of Egypt.  Pharaoh knew that Joseph was sent to him for a reason, and put him in a place where  he could release the solution that God had presented the ruler of the known world at the time.

Joseph never forgot his dreams.  Joseph never forgot his passion for the Lord and the destiny that He had revealed to him so long ago in a dream.  Friend, never let them kill your dreams.  Never let them steal the destiny that the Lord has for you.  Never stay put where you are in someone else’s plan.  Stay on the move with God, and seek Him for how He is going to advance you in the marketplace.  God has no intention on leaving you as a slave, in prison, or as the little child in your father’s house.  God has big dreams for you, and you must do your part to prepare yourself.  Preparation is about learning to submit to God.  Preparation is about learning the ropes of the marketplace .  Preparation is about learning to aggressively take the Kingdom of God and advance His Kingdom.  Never let the Dreamer in you die.  Release the passion in your heart.  Walk in who God has called you to be.  Let no one stop you.

As an exercise, seek the Lord and spend time with Him.  Try to look down the pike with the eyes of your heart and see where the Lord is taking you.  Ask yourself where God wants you in your sphere of the marketplace.  Joseph was a dreamer of dreams and the Lord showed him, at the age of seventeen, that He had a destiny for Joseph to fulfill that included governing.  What is it that the Lord has placed in your heart?  What is your passion?  What makes you come alive?  You owe it to the groaning creation to be revealed as a son and daughter of the Living God.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach