Career Advancement – Preparing For Your Mountain

Preparing For Your Mountain

Last Thursday on Career Advancement, I spoke of the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence as:

1.  Family
2.  Religion
3.  Education
4.  Arts and Entertainment
5.  Media
6.  Economics and Business
7.  Government

I hope that you were able to decide which mountain or mountains that you primarily feel a calling.  Now, I want to get you thinking about preparing for your mountain.

What are the prerequisites for influencing for mountain?

What does it take to gain credibility in your mountain?

What education and training do you need for your mountain?

What experience do you need to effectively serve your mountain?

How many years is it going to take before you will have a recognizable voice in your mountain?

Who are the major influencers in your mountain that you need to develop relationships with in the next five years?

Who are the Kingdom Believers that you need to develop connections and relationships with in the next year?

Who are the Kingdom and secular mentors in your mountain that you need to learn under?

Have you prayed, fasted, read the Word, and sought the face of the Lord about your calling to the specific mountain of cultural influence?

Do you have a small group of believers that you are a part of that can pray for you as you seek to enter your mountain?

I pray that you use these questions to begin preparing yourself to serve in your mountain.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach