Career Advancement – Your Part and God’s Part

Many times we, as Christians, expect God to take care of everything for us in life.  In a sense, He makes every good thing possible in our lives.  If we read the Scriptures, we see that the Lord told Moses to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land.  However when Moses led them to the door step of the Promised Land and showed them the fruit of the land and the fruit of his prophetic words that he uttered to them in Egypt, they refused to do their part of believing the promises of God and taking action on them.

God did not give Israel the Promised Land on a silver platter.  God handed the occupying nations over to Israel just as He had done with Egypt.  As a slave labor force with no military training, education, or confidence, Israel plundered the most powerful nation on the earth of their riches and precious things which is nothing short of miraculous.  God plundered Egypt and opened the Red Sea for them to escape certain death by the most powerful military in the known world.  The other nations had gotten word of what the Lord had done for Israel in Egypt and they were scared.  Yet, Israel was not aware of the Lord’s protection and plan for them to inherit the Promised Land.  Moses had told them, but they could not receive it.  Joseph had prophesied about their great and victorious exodus but none of the people remembered the word and they did not keep the word in their hearts to look for its fulfillment.  If you receive a prophecy, write it down, record it, and put it before your eyes and start confessing it and thanking God for its fulfillment. 

Rahab knew the God of Israel lives and the He is a God of War, the Lord of Hosts.  Rahab believed the reputation of the Lord so much that when the spies came to her door, she said please give me and my family protection for we have heard the stories of your great God.  Israel saw the fruit of the land and still would not believe the report of the faithful spies, Joshua and Caleb.  They said, “We are well able to take this land.”  Think about this.  Israel sent in twelve spies into a land of terrible giants and not one of their twelve spies were lost.  The Lord protected their spies in the midst of the champions of war called the giants and a well protected city.  The people of the Promised Land have heard all of these stories about how BAD the God of Israel really is and that you had better not mess with Israel.  Even their prostitutes believed that the God of Israel was real and able to make Israel victorious.  Why could not the righteous men and women of Israel believe and have the same faith as those who we would deem very unrighteous?  Israel sees the fruit of the Promised Land with the grapes the size of pomegranites.  After all of this, Israel still will not believe that God will give them the Promised Land and allow them to take it.

The Lord had done His part.  He did the things that only He could do.  He gave the victory in Egypt with miracles, signs, and wonders, provision in the wilderness, and safe passage and guidance by the cloud by day and the fire by night.  God had done His part.  However, the Bible says that Israel’s unwillingness to do their part caused their very carcasses to fall in the wilderness.  God swore that the unbelieving generation would never enter His rest.  You see, disobedience to God’s plan for your life results in death.  If you are feeling less than alive in your current job, then ask yourself what God is asking you to do and seek to obey Him.  What land is He asking you to take?  Another job? A college course?  Professional training?  A certification?  Start doing your part when He reveals His will.  Start walking through those doors of opportunity that He is putting right in front of you.  I see a Joshua and Caleb generation that is going to take Joseph’s bones into the Promised Land!

 Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach