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Career Advancement – Preparing For Your Mountain

Preparing For Your Mountain Last Thursday on Career Advancement, I spoke of the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence as: 1.  Family 2.  Religion 3.  Education 4.  Arts and Entertainment 5.  Media 6.  Economics and Business 7.  Government I hope that you were able to decide which mountain or mountains that you primarily feel a calling.  Now, […]


Career Advancement – The Importance of LinkedIn

If you are a professional or business owner, then you must have a LinkedIn profile.  Tune into our podcast today on the importance of LinkedIn and get a tip to ramp up the power of your profile. Career Advancement – The Importance of LinkedIn   Called to the Marketplace, Kevin Horn Author ~ Speaker ~ […]


Leadership Training – The Performance Trap

The Performance Trap is a killer to many leaders that have great potential.  It is driven into most leaders from a very young age that their performance is what really matters in life.  Good Performance = Worthy of Love and Acceptance.  Most leaders are taught that if they are given a task or a goal then they had BETTER achieve […]


Career Advancement – Never Let the Dreamer In You Die!

If you are a Christian professional in the marketplace, it is easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, or distracted by the day to day drudgery of a job.  You, as a Modern Day Joseph, cannot afford to see yourself in just a job.  You must see yourself as having a God-given calling.  You must see yourself as […]