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Kingdom Entrepreneurship – Setting Goals for Your Business

If you are considering staring a business or if you already have started a business, I encourage you to sit down and take some time to lay out some realistic and visionary goals.  If you are are not realistic, then you will never make it through the tough times.  If you are not visionary, then […]


Kingdom Entrepreneurship – Resources for Starting a Business

In today’s audio podcast, we will look at two vital websites to use as resources on your journey to starting a business, two very important people for you to talk to about starting a business, and two important self assessments to take today. Kingdom Entrepreneurship – Resources for Starting a Business   Called to the Marketplace, Kevin Horn […]


Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Purpose of Business and Increase

As Kingdom-minded Christians, we must realize the Lord’s purpose for our business and the increase it brings.  Our businesses are ordained of the Lord for us to walk in to bring increase to His Kingdom.  God has a divine purpose for the business you are currently in, and He also has a purpose for the […]


Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Increase of Joseph

Kingdom Entrepreneurship is a concept that the Lord has been releasing in a greater measure to the Body of Christ in the last decade.  Modern Day Josephs are being awakened by God in this hour to understand their role in the Kingdom.  Joseph was strategically sent to Egypt by the Lord Himself on a mission of […]