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The Tribe of Joseph is a Marketplace Ministry Network dedicated to connecting Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Christians who serve daily in the seven spheres of Culture.

Three levels of membership

Free Membership  to Joseph’s Tribe

Joseph’s Journey –  articles, email newsletter, blog talk radio show, and video of the week on the life of Joseph, Jesus, and other heroes of the Christian faith.

Level 1 – $9.95 per month

Joseph’s Awakening

This membership level includes spiritual gifts training with a monthly video that assists you in discovering your spiritual gifts, and instructs you in developing those gifts.

Level 2 – $47.00 per month

Joseph’s Commission

This membership level includes leadership and Marketplace Ministry training to equip and prepare you to take your mountain in the seven spheres of Culture.  You will receive the benefits of the free and level one membership, and also receive a monthly training on how to advance in your sphere of cultural influence.  You will also receive monthly interviews with Christians who the Lord has already strategically placed in these mountains of culture.  These interviews will assist you in how to prepare yourself to enter a given sphere, their success story, and the exact steps that you must take to qualify to wear Joseph’s Mantle in the Marketplace sphere that you are called to serve.

God has put a passion for something deep inside you.  When you work with your passion, you will find that income will start coming to you because others see the value of your gifts and the excellence that you have in their exercise.


Coming in 2013

Level 3 – Joseph’s Increase

Kingdom Entrepreneurship Training

Stay tuned!