Joseph Anointing – The Culture of the Kingdom

Royal Crown

What type of culture would you say that you are a part of?  Is your culture something you chose or was it something that you grew up with and never left?  Is your culture full of positive or negative elements?  A mix of both?  Isn’t it time for a change in the culture that you live in now?

The culture of the Kingdom of God is unmatched in the world.  Jesus came on the scene and addressed all different cultures and spheres of life and brought the culture of the Kingdom to change everything.  He said that when you saw Him, you saw the Father.  He came to show us how to live as a son or daughter of God.  He came to show us how to live as royalty and citizens of Heaven.  Jesus demonstrated the higher way of grace and truth and showed us how mercy triumphs over judgement.  Jesus showed us how righteousness was superior to a life a sin.  He also called out the Pharisees for their self righteousness.  When they brought him a woman caught in adultery, Jesus did not condemn her, but helped set her free in more ways than one.  When confronted with Zacchaeus, a wicked man in the marketplace who was notorious for cheating people out of their money to live on, Jesus simply walked into his life and changed him by His righteous presence.  Zacchaeus changed because He encountered the presence of royalty in the form of King Jesus.  Zacchaeus changed because of the person of Jesus demonstrating the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The culture of the Kingdom changes everything.

What could happen if we began to take the culture of the Kingdom into the Marketplace just as Jesus did?  What would happen if we invaded the marketplace just as Paul the apostle did?  Isn’t it time for a change in culture for your life?  Set people free from sin by letting God’s love and grace come through you.  Call people to a higher standard by acting like the royalty that you really are.  Jesus came as the model.  Paul walked it out.  Now it’s our turn.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn





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