Joseph Anointing – The Favor of the Lord

When you look at the track record and life of a Modern Day Joseph, you will notice that everytime they are down and everyone is counting them out, somehow the Lord delivers them out of every situation.  The favor of the Lord makes the difference in the life of the Modern Day Joseph.  It really does separate those who know the Lord from those who do not.  The Lord’s special favor was shown to Abraham, then Isaac, and Jacob.  Jacob was shown favor even when Laban was changing his wages ten times, taking advantage of him at every chance.  The same Abrahamic blessing rested upon Joseph as well.

Realize today that as a Modern Day Joseph, you have the favor of the Lord upon your life.  Remember this fact when you feel as though you have had too much and you cannot take any more stress in your life.  Refocus on the Lord’s favor and turn your eyes fully upon what the Lord is doing instead of the devil or your awful boss.  It is not about others.  It is all about the Lord, and His work being perfected in you.  One day, you will be given a signet ring, a gold chain, and a fine linen robe.  Hold on to the hand of the Lord and receive His favor and blessing on your life.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach