Joseph Anointing – The Mantle of Joseph Defined

I want to give some definition to the Mantle of Joseph in this blog entry.  What exactly is a mantle?  What is the purpose of Joseph’s Mantle and why is it relevant in this hour?

A mantle is a garment worn to signify authority and office.  Elijah had a mantle that signified his prophetic office and authority with the Lord.  Elisha asked Elijah for a double portion of his spirit, and Elijah said possible, but difficult.  When Elijah was taken to heaven in a whirlwind (tornado), Elisha saw the whole thing, and received the dropped mantle.  Elisha used this mantle to part the Jordan River and then convinced the sons of the prophets that he had in fact inherited the mantle of Elijah.  In the new testament, we hear of another person that came in the spirit and power of Elijah.  Jesus said that if you could receive it, John the Baptist was the Elijah that was coming.  There is a tradition that John’s father, Zechariah, took Elijah’s mantle out of the temple and give it to his son, John the Baptist for his prophetic commission.  John’s prophetic commission was to be a forerunner to Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah. Zechariah rightly discerned that John should have a mantle that would be recognized by Israel as being significant.

In our day, we see the Lord releasing strategies from Heaven to fund the church’s missions and His Kingdom all across the globe.  In these hard economic times, we see it is necessary for the Lord to release the same power and calling that Joseph received on His church to be able to answer the crisis of our day.  The Bible says in Psalm 105 that the Lord sent a famine on the earth and then He sent a man, Joseph, to Egypt for a purpose.  The Lord sent in His man with the calling, anointing, and mantle to provide a solution to the crisis of world wide famine.  It is not far fetched to think that we could have a similar crisis on our hands with the world’s economy.

I believe that if we examine scripture, we can see that God sometimes sends these little speed bumps in the path of nations to cause them to remember their Creator.  If we read Revelation, we see economic crisis in the end times scenario.  Even in the book of Acts, we see a famine that hits the known world, and the church is warned by Agabus the prophet.  What does the church do?  They proactively take up an offering for a famine that is coming.  This is the Joseph Mantle at work.  The Lord works with His saints who are listening to Him, meditating on His word, and breathing Him in.  The Lord will speak to those of us who are listening.  The Lord desires to release strategies of provision and protection to preserve not just the Church, but all those who would come to know Him.

Are you ready for the Lord to give you an answer to the world’s problems?  Are you ready for Jesus to share His strategies for what is wrong with the world’s economy?  Are you ready to have an impact for the Lord that will turn the tide in the seven mountains of society?  Are you ready for the Holy Spirit to give you an answer to the crisis in your family, business, industry, or nation?  What about the world?  Joseph wasn’t ready either, but God gave him a couple of dreams to prepare him.  Get ready to dream with the Lord.  Greatness awaits.  Redemption of many will come from the releasing of the sons and daughters of God and His divine strategies.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach