Joseph Anointing – The Power of Your “WHY”

Why do you want to make a difference in the Marketplace?

Have you asked yourself the BIG question?  Why?  Why is it that you do what you do?  It is the search for purpose that so many people are on right now.  I am glad to see people on this search for purpose because it tells me that people actually care about their lives.  At times it can seem that so many are apathetic and lethargic about making a difference for Jesus in the marketplace, however if you talk with people long enough they will finally start making statements about not being satisfied with their current circumstances.  If they are not already doing what they love or what they think matters, then you see a holy discontent in their eyes.  Many Christians and non-Christians that I talk with are saying similar things about having a life and career that matters and makes a difference.  I don’t think it is just due to causes being trendy.

Not knowing your WHY

There has been a lot of disillusionment with people not knowing their why, but God has been moving redemptively in the background.  In the last five years, the Lord has been awakening those with the Joseph anointing, Joseph calling, Joseph mantle, or marketplace minister calling.  He has been calling them up higher to work that matters.  He has been allowing them to sense the holy discontentment in their souls and allowing them to get hungry and thirsty for more.  I see it every day that I get to share these truths about the Joseph anointing and the marketplace ministry calling.  I have to tell you that I have felt the discontentment with feeling like I was not walking in my Joseph calling and releasing my gift to the marketplace.  I have felt the discouragement of not being given a place of leadership and influence so that I could make a difference.

The Power of WHY

Earlier this year, I found my WHY.  This year the Lord made clear my calling to the marketplace and what he wants me to do.  I understand why He wants me to release my gift and function in the marketplace.  This year I have really honed in on my passion, calling, sphere of the marketplace, and message.  This year I am finding my voice to be able to speak life to other Christians in the Marketplace with the Joseph calling.  If you are a Christian professional, Christian leader, or Christian entrepreneur, then I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch with Joseph’s Mantle.  I can tell you that I have already interviewed so many great Christian leaders and entrepreneurs and I am excited to be able to share their wisdom, insights, and experiences with you.  I am putting together a series of monthly trainings and interviews for Christian professionals and entrepreneurs to equip you to find your passion, release your gift in the marketplace, get promoted, and ascend to positions of leadership.  Stay tuned to Joseph’s Mantle for updates and fresh content in the works right now.  Subscribe today for a free professionals guide to LinkedIn.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach