Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Increase of Joseph

Kingdom Entrepreneurship is a concept that the Lord has been releasing in a greater measure to the Body of Christ in the last decade.  Modern Day Josephs are being awakened by God in this hour to understand their role in the Kingdom.  Joseph was strategically sent to Egypt by the Lord Himself on a mission of preserving the nation of Israel and the known world.  Joseph was given a strategy to increase grain over a seven year period by putting one fifth back for a famine.  He filled bags with a fifth of all the grain produced in Egypt.  He built barns and filled them with bags of grain.  Then, he filled the land of Egypt with barns.

Here we see the progression of increase and how to grow our businesses.  Grain can be likened to the business value that we bring to the marketplace.  It is important that we start out gathering and organizing the benefits of our offers.  This is where we put our grain into bags.

After we put our grain in the bags, it is time to build a barn.  When we see sustained growth in our business, it is time to plan for expansion and make sure that we don’t lose our enlarged harvest.  A barn will preserve the fruit of all of our hard work.

After expansion and preservation, it is time to start thinking about moving into different geographic spheres and markets.  This is where we fill up the land of our calling with our own barns.  Our barns should all contain the business value and personality that our business and brand has become known for.  It is important to ensure we don’t lose any essentials of our message when we start to enter new markets or we will lose credibility with our customers.  Make sure that you are consistent with your business, brand, and message across all of your marketing channels.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach