Leadership Training – The Famine of Inspired Leadership

There is a famine of inspired leadership in our country and world today.  Look at the national level with both parties seeming to blame one another without brining clear solutions to real problems that we are facing as a nation.  Look on the local level, and see that most politicians are more worried about image than answers.  In our businesses, are we seeing those who are more worried about getting it right and integrity than image, politics, and who controls the money or power?  In our churches, do we see that ministers are focused on the people they serve and the communities that God has placed them in?  Or are they worried about building a profile for people to see them as a capable and powerful speaker?  Are they more concerned with getting to their next ministry that has more members and more resources?

I say that we are suffering from a famine of inspired leadership.  I know that there are many good leaders, but we need more great leaders.  We need the great ones that we have now to be given more of a voice in our communities.  We need leaders with solutions to come to the forefront.  We need leaders who have spent time in God’s presence and who will faithfully release what they have heard Him speak in secrect.

We need the Modern Day Josephs to arise.

Called to the Marketplace

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach