Joseph’s Commission

Monthly Career and Leadership Mentoring Program

A 12 month Career and Leadership mentoring program with Life and Career Coach Kevin Horn.  Join our private community of developing leaders and professionals to discover your destiny and start walking in your calling.  This program includes monthly equipping and teaching videos, optional group mentoring call, and optional 1-on-1 mentoring calls.


 Video Training Library – $10 /month:

  • includes monthly Career and Leadership Training video from Kevin Horn, PDF exercises and worksheets

Group Mentoring Program – $27 /month:

  • includes Video Training Library plus a monthly Group Mentoring and Q&A Call

Personal Mentoring Program – $97 /month:

  • includes Video Training Library, Group Mentoring Call, and a monthly 30 Minute 1-on-1 Call with Coach Kevin Horn


Topics covered include:

  • Career Advancement for Spirit-Filled Christians
  • Marketplace Ministry Training
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Spiritual Gifts Training and Discovery
  • Interviews with Christian Experts from the Seven Mountains of Culture.


Join us for our monthly Group Coaching and Q&A Call.

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