Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Purpose of Business and Increase

As Kingdom-minded Christians, we must realize the Lord’s purpose for our business and the increase it brings.  Our businesses are ordained of the Lord for us to walk in to bring increase to His Kingdom.  God has a divine purpose for the business you are currently in, and He also has a purpose for the businesses you would like to start.  His purposes are always redemptive and all good things work together for the good of those that love Him and are called to His purpose.  You must start seeing your business like a pastor sees the ministry in the pulpit and the ministry in the community.

Your Business Has Been Ordained of the Lord

There are very good reasons that you had experiences that prepared you to be involved in the business you are in right now.  The Bible says in Acts 17:26, that the Lord determines our times and seasons, and even where we would live.  He determines our times by setting when we would be born.  Think of the fact that you could have been born at any time in history, but you have been born now in this present day to take advantage of all of the tools that we have at our disposal.  The Lord determines our seasons by ordaining when our businesses will operate and when they will grow in influence and revenue.  Lastly, the Lord determines where we would operate our businesses and what geographical spheres and market spheres for which we would be given influence and a voice.

The Righteousness of Being Productive

Ecclesiastes 2:24 – “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.” (NLT)  The scripture says that we as Kingdom Christians are supposed to find our satisfaction in our God ordained labor because it is a gift from His very hand.  It is a crazy thing when you see political parties going after businesses and demonizing them for making a profit that came from simply operating well.  God can’t stand lazy and unproductive ways.  Do not fall for the trap of guilt set by foolish people who scoff at business and profits.  They are very deceived when they judge you for being successful at the very thing that God’s good pleasure has given you to do.  Realize that God smiles down upon your productivity from righteous labor.

The Increase That Comes Through Consistency

Proverbs 14:4 – “Where no oxen are, the manger is clean, But much revenue comes by the strength of the ox.” (NASB)  The Lord wants us to be extremely productive through our businesses.  One key to increase in business is consistency with the basics of business.  Stay true to your marketing plan and business model and avoid getting spread too thin and too busy.  It is important to remain consistent and not get distracted with the latest and greatest things and trends in your market.  If we are in business, we owe it to the Lord to really crank up our production and become extremely efficient with our time, talent, and resources.  When we get these three optimized, we start to see the increase we are really capable of having. 

Time, Talent, and Treasure

Ask the Lord to direct you in your use and management of time.  Do not overwork, but be careful to maximize your available time.  Be mindful of wasting time or unproductive uses of your time.  Keep a lookout for tasks that others can do more efficiently.  Make sure that you are utilizing your talents and strengths and doing what only you can do.  This is the key to really maximizing your talents.  Watch your budget and make sure that you are being a good steward of your increase.  Make sure that you are investing in your business and keeping your skills, products, and services current to remain competitive.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Career Advancement – Your Part and God’s Part

Many times we, as Christians, expect God to take care of everything for us in life.  In a sense, He makes every good thing possible in our lives.  If we read the Scriptures, we see that the Lord told Moses to take the children of Israel into the Promised Land.  However when Moses led them to the door step of the Promised Land and showed them the fruit of the land and the fruit of his prophetic words that he uttered to them in Egypt, they refused to do their part of believing the promises of God and taking action on them.

God did not give Israel the Promised Land on a silver platter.  God handed the occupying nations over to Israel just as He had done with Egypt.  As a slave labor force with no military training, education, or confidence, Israel plundered the most powerful nation on the earth of their riches and precious things which is nothing short of miraculous.  God plundered Egypt and opened the Red Sea for them to escape certain death by the most powerful military in the known world.  The other nations had gotten word of what the Lord had done for Israel in Egypt and they were scared.  Yet, Israel was not aware of the Lord’s protection and plan for them to inherit the Promised Land.  Moses had told them, but they could not receive it.  Joseph had prophesied about their great and victorious exodus but none of the people remembered the word and they did not keep the word in their hearts to look for its fulfillment.  If you receive a prophecy, write it down, record it, and put it before your eyes and start confessing it and thanking God for its fulfillment. 

Rahab knew the God of Israel lives and the He is a God of War, the Lord of Hosts.  Rahab believed the reputation of the Lord so much that when the spies came to her door, she said please give me and my family protection for we have heard the stories of your great God.  Israel saw the fruit of the land and still would not believe the report of the faithful spies, Joshua and Caleb.  They said, “We are well able to take this land.”  Think about this.  Israel sent in twelve spies into a land of terrible giants and not one of their twelve spies were lost.  The Lord protected their spies in the midst of the champions of war called the giants and a well protected city.  The people of the Promised Land have heard all of these stories about how BAD the God of Israel really is and that you had better not mess with Israel.  Even their prostitutes believed that the God of Israel was real and able to make Israel victorious.  Why could not the righteous men and women of Israel believe and have the same faith as those who we would deem very unrighteous?  Israel sees the fruit of the Promised Land with the grapes the size of pomegranites.  After all of this, Israel still will not believe that God will give them the Promised Land and allow them to take it.

The Lord had done His part.  He did the things that only He could do.  He gave the victory in Egypt with miracles, signs, and wonders, provision in the wilderness, and safe passage and guidance by the cloud by day and the fire by night.  God had done His part.  However, the Bible says that Israel’s unwillingness to do their part caused their very carcasses to fall in the wilderness.  God swore that the unbelieving generation would never enter His rest.  You see, disobedience to God’s plan for your life results in death.  If you are feeling less than alive in your current job, then ask yourself what God is asking you to do and seek to obey Him.  What land is He asking you to take?  Another job? A college course?  Professional training?  A certification?  Start doing your part when He reveals His will.  Start walking through those doors of opportunity that He is putting right in front of you.  I see a Joshua and Caleb generation that is going to take Joseph’s bones into the Promised Land!

 Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Leadership Training – The Performance Trap

The Performance Trap is a killer to many leaders that have great potential.  It is driven into most leaders from a very young age that their performance is what really matters in life.  Good Performance = Worthy of Love and Acceptance.  Most leaders are taught that if they are given a task or a goal then they had BETTER achieve it if they do not want to be rejected by the people that matter most to them.  Most leaders are taught to drive themselves in the same way and will not ever just be happy with themselves.  This leads to basketball players who win the world championship and still have an empty feeling afterwards.  The pinnacle of success turns into another let down.  Maybe you are a corporate warrior that has just been promoted to VP, but you still feel like that you have not climbed quite high enough on the corporate ladder.  Again, you experience a huge success, but you cannot enjoy your victory at all because you are full of discontentment because of that nasty little voice in your head that tells you, “You are still not good enough!  You still have not arrived.  You are not qualified for this position.  You don’t deserve this success.  You should be working harder.”  Do you see that these statements are all lies that poison our success?

Perfectionism is another killer that keeps you from finishing projects and getting things done.  Here is a revelation for you who struggle with perfectionism.  It will NEVER be perfect!  I know that you don’t like to hear that, but it is so true.  There are always tweaks, adjustments, polishing, etc. that CAN be made.  The question you must ask yourself is, “Will this bring me closer to success or should I be doing something more productive?”

How does this relate to your development as a leader?  Do not get stuck in the trap of living up to other people’s expectations for your life and your destiny.  Do not be brought down by your mistakes in the marketplace.  You must realise that we all have to learn and sometimes the best teacher is failure.  The word failure can seem like an “F” word to a leader, but I tell you that failure can become one of your best friends.  Failure means that you are trying something.  Perfectionism is actually fear of failure.  Did you hear that?  Perfectionism is FEAR.

Instead of being so worried about what others think of you, remember that you are responsible to God for your gifts, skills, and passion, and He wants you to hit a home run with what He has designed you to be.

Am I saying that we can all just coast and not worry about doing things well?  I will never advocate for mediocrity, but I will always advocate trying to get better and trying and failing.  God wants you to try!  Excellence is to be pursued because we are doing things for the Lord, and we are doing things with the Lord.  We must demonstrate the Kingdom of God in our sphere of influence.  I am not talking about trying to be perfect with everything we do because that leads to a performance driven mentality which sets us up for delay and discouragement.  Excellence should be pursued just as David encouraged his musicians to play skillfully.  Just don’t get trapped into making things perfect.  Make them good enough.  GOOD ENOUGH.  DONE.  Avoid almost, tweaking, and not enjoying success.

The Performance trap is a common trap that many leaders fall into.  Perfectionism is a dangerous disease that you must be healed of right now.  Realise that Done is much better than not quite there because it is not perfect.  The Performance Trap comes from all of those voices from our past that taught us that we could never be good enough.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ sets us free from having to be perfect to walk in our destiny.  It is more important to walk and stumble than to avoid failure.  If we never try to do anything because we are afraid of failure, we are squandering the very lives and destiny that the Lord Jesus Christ died and rose to pay for.  Lead well.  Make mistakes.  Try something.  Be happy with success and celebrate what the Lord allows you to accomplish.  Remember that we are His children and He loves us just for who we are, not what we do for Him.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Spiritual Gifts Training – Areas of Strength and Giftedness

Have you ever had difficulty seeing for yourself?  I don’t mean your eye sight, but seeing into the realm of destiny or what your next steps in life should be?  Often times people with a prophetic gift can see easily for others, but they cannot see very well for themselves.  The reason for this is because the Lord wants us to be dependent on other members of the Body of Christ to get to our destiny.  Prophetic people would like nothing more than being independent of everyone but the Lord.  This is especially true when it comes to someone else seeing prophetically for them.  I have found that others most certainly can see my blindspots easier.  I have also found that others can sometimes see my strengths easier as well.  An easy way to learn about your gifts and strengths is to ask someone that is in relationship with you in a local church, what you do well and what your strengths are.

It seems to me that most of the church that I have been around are not operating in their spiritual gifts and strengths.  It seems that most of us are sitting in the pews on Sunday, and working an unfulfilling job Monday through Friday.  Saturday seems to be the day that we allow ourselves to move toward our passion.  It is on Saturday that we relax and work on our hobbies.  Could it be that we should seek to incorporate our strengths, knowledge, and passion in our work and church service?  I believe that when we start doing what we love, we will find fulfillment.  I believe that when we start doing what comes easy to us, that we will start getting rewarded like Joseph for excercising our gifts.

This week, I encourage you to ask your family, your peers, your church members and leadership what you do best.  I encourage you to record their answers and take a spiritual gift test.  Then, evaluate where your gifts, passions, and strengths all meet.  You will find more productivity than you ever thought possible by just moving in your strengths instead of someone else’s plan for you.  Go with God’s plan and design for your life.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Joseph Anointing – The Mantle of Joseph Defined

I want to give some definition to the Mantle of Joseph in this blog entry.  What exactly is a mantle?  What is the purpose of Joseph’s Mantle and why is it relevant in this hour?

A mantle is a garment worn to signify authority and office.  Elijah had a mantle that signified his prophetic office and authority with the Lord.  Elisha asked Elijah for a double portion of his spirit, and Elijah said possible, but difficult.  When Elijah was taken to heaven in a whirlwind (tornado), Elisha saw the whole thing, and received the dropped mantle.  Elisha used this mantle to part the Jordan River and then convinced the sons of the prophets that he had in fact inherited the mantle of Elijah.  In the new testament, we hear of another person that came in the spirit and power of Elijah.  Jesus said that if you could receive it, John the Baptist was the Elijah that was coming.  There is a tradition that John’s father, Zechariah, took Elijah’s mantle out of the temple and give it to his son, John the Baptist for his prophetic commission.  John’s prophetic commission was to be a forerunner to Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah. Zechariah rightly discerned that John should have a mantle that would be recognized by Israel as being significant.

In our day, we see the Lord releasing strategies from Heaven to fund the church’s missions and His Kingdom all across the globe.  In these hard economic times, we see it is necessary for the Lord to release the same power and calling that Joseph received on His church to be able to answer the crisis of our day.  The Bible says in Psalm 105 that the Lord sent a famine on the earth and then He sent a man, Joseph, to Egypt for a purpose.  The Lord sent in His man with the calling, anointing, and mantle to provide a solution to the crisis of world wide famine.  It is not far fetched to think that we could have a similar crisis on our hands with the world’s economy.

I believe that if we examine scripture, we can see that God sometimes sends these little speed bumps in the path of nations to cause them to remember their Creator.  If we read Revelation, we see economic crisis in the end times scenario.  Even in the book of Acts, we see a famine that hits the known world, and the church is warned by Agabus the prophet.  What does the church do?  They proactively take up an offering for a famine that is coming.  This is the Joseph Mantle at work.  The Lord works with His saints who are listening to Him, meditating on His word, and breathing Him in.  The Lord will speak to those of us who are listening.  The Lord desires to release strategies of provision and protection to preserve not just the Church, but all those who would come to know Him.

Are you ready for the Lord to give you an answer to the world’s problems?  Are you ready for Jesus to share His strategies for what is wrong with the world’s economy?  Are you ready to have an impact for the Lord that will turn the tide in the seven mountains of society?  Are you ready for the Holy Spirit to give you an answer to the crisis in your family, business, industry, or nation?  What about the world?  Joseph wasn’t ready either, but God gave him a couple of dreams to prepare him.  Get ready to dream with the Lord.  Greatness awaits.  Redemption of many will come from the releasing of the sons and daughters of God and His divine strategies.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Kingdom Entrepreneurship – The Increase of Joseph

Kingdom Entrepreneurship is a concept that the Lord has been releasing in a greater measure to the Body of Christ in the last decade.  Modern Day Josephs are being awakened by God in this hour to understand their role in the Kingdom.  Joseph was strategically sent to Egypt by the Lord Himself on a mission of preserving the nation of Israel and the known world.  Joseph was given a strategy to increase grain over a seven year period by putting one fifth back for a famine.  He filled bags with a fifth of all the grain produced in Egypt.  He built barns and filled them with bags of grain.  Then, he filled the land of Egypt with barns.

Here we see the progression of increase and how to grow our businesses.  Grain can be likened to the business value that we bring to the marketplace.  It is important that we start out gathering and organizing the benefits of our offers.  This is where we put our grain into bags.

After we put our grain in the bags, it is time to build a barn.  When we see sustained growth in our business, it is time to plan for expansion and make sure that we don’t lose our enlarged harvest.  A barn will preserve the fruit of all of our hard work.

After expansion and preservation, it is time to start thinking about moving into different geographic spheres and markets.  This is where we fill up the land of our calling with our own barns.  Our barns should all contain the business value and personality that our business and brand has become known for.  It is important to ensure we don’t lose any essentials of our message when we start to enter new markets or we will lose credibility with our customers.  Make sure that you are consistent with your business, brand, and message across all of your marketing channels.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach


Career Advancement – Never Let the Dreamer In You Die!

If you are a Christian professional in the marketplace, it is easy to get discouraged, disillusioned, or distracted by the day to day drudgery of a job.  You, as a Modern Day Joseph, cannot afford to see yourself in just a job.  You must see yourself as having a God-given calling.  You must see yourself as having a career that will fulfills you and will prosper.  You need to constantly be seeking to advance where ever the Lord places you.

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and bought by Potiphar.  He quickly went from being favored son to the bottom of society as a slave.  However, Joseph had to know that the Lord’s eye was on him.  I believe that was what kept Joseph going in Egypt as a slave.  Joseph served with excellence, and Potiphar and his household noticed.  Joseph was promoted to ruler of Potiphar’s house.  Joseph became so trusted that Potiphar only worried about what he would eat.  Joseph had advanced in a terrible situation.  Then being falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was then unjustly thrown into prison.  Again, Joseph is taken from a place of power and influence to the lowest reaches of society with seemingly no influence.

See, the enemy will take your prophecy and do everything in his power to lie to you and tell you it is not coming to pass.  He will spit on your destiny and throw you into a prison of sorts to keep you from achieving the dreams in your heart from the Lord.  Joseph continues his excellence while in prison, and is made the manager of the prison.  Joseph also begins to serve with his gifts and begins to release God’s understanding and revelation to the hungry.  Joseph advances yet again, even while in prison.  The Lord was not done with his promotion of Joseph.  Eventually, Joseph is called before the Pharaoh and is called to interpret his dreams.  Joseph releases the wisdom of God, and is then promoted to prime minister of Egypt.  Pharaoh knew that Joseph was sent to him for a reason, and put him in a place where  he could release the solution that God had presented the ruler of the known world at the time.

Joseph never forgot his dreams.  Joseph never forgot his passion for the Lord and the destiny that He had revealed to him so long ago in a dream.  Friend, never let them kill your dreams.  Never let them steal the destiny that the Lord has for you.  Never stay put where you are in someone else’s plan.  Stay on the move with God, and seek Him for how He is going to advance you in the marketplace.  God has no intention on leaving you as a slave, in prison, or as the little child in your father’s house.  God has big dreams for you, and you must do your part to prepare yourself.  Preparation is about learning to submit to God.  Preparation is about learning the ropes of the marketplace .  Preparation is about learning to aggressively take the Kingdom of God and advance His Kingdom.  Never let the Dreamer in you die.  Release the passion in your heart.  Walk in who God has called you to be.  Let no one stop you.

As an exercise, seek the Lord and spend time with Him.  Try to look down the pike with the eyes of your heart and see where the Lord is taking you.  Ask yourself where God wants you in your sphere of the marketplace.  Joseph was a dreamer of dreams and the Lord showed him, at the age of seventeen, that He had a destiny for Joseph to fulfill that included governing.  What is it that the Lord has placed in your heart?  What is your passion?  What makes you come alive?  You owe it to the groaning creation to be revealed as a son and daughter of the Living God.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Leadership Training – The Famine of Inspired Leadership

There is a famine of inspired leadership in our country and world today.  Look at the national level with both parties seeming to blame one another without brining clear solutions to real problems that we are facing as a nation.  Look on the local level, and see that most politicians are more worried about image than answers.  In our businesses, are we seeing those who are more worried about getting it right and integrity than image, politics, and who controls the money or power?  In our churches, do we see that ministers are focused on the people they serve and the communities that God has placed them in?  Or are they worried about building a profile for people to see them as a capable and powerful speaker?  Are they more concerned with getting to their next ministry that has more members and more resources?

I say that we are suffering from a famine of inspired leadership.  I know that there are many good leaders, but we need more great leaders.  We need the great ones that we have now to be given more of a voice in our communities.  We need leaders with solutions to come to the forefront.  We need leaders who have spent time in God’s presence and who will faithfully release what they have heard Him speak in secrect.

We need the Modern Day Josephs to arise.

Called to the Marketplace

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

Spiritual Gifts Training – Five-fold Ministry in the Marketplace

In this edition, we are going to look at the importance of using your God-given spiritual gifts in the marketplace. If there is a first step in finding your calling, purpose, sphere in the marketplace, or passion, it is to discover your spiritual gifts, natural talents, and personality type or your wiring.

One of the most important concepts for you as a modern day Joseph to understand is that you have a ministry gift that God has placed in you. This ministry gift will be one or more of the five-fold ministry gifts in Ephesians 4:11.

1. Have you considered the fact that you could be a marketplace apostle?
Let me ask it this way…Do you feel that you have been sent by God as a ministry or missionary to a people group in the marketplace instead of the local church? You may never plant a local church, but you could start a Kingdom Business or become a father or mother in a sphere or industry.

2. What about pondering whether you might be a prophet to an industry?
Said another way, does God give you supernatural insights or a heads up before changes occur in your place of business or your job? What about picking the winning and losers in an industry or product line with consistency? Are you called to speak against injustice or stand for truth in your industry?

3. Could you possibly be a pastor on your job or business you own?
Do you find yourself caring for people’s souls on your job or in your place of business? Do you go above and beyond to take care of your people? You may just be a pastor in the marketplace. Don’t worry. You don’t need a church building because you go to your congregation everytime you go to the marketplace. Shepherd them well.

4. Maybe you are called as an evangelist to reach a lost people group in downtown?
Are you burning to shine a light in a dark place in the business world? Do you see great potential in those around you on your job, but other church people would say that they are far gone and past the point of no return? Burning for souls is definitely the call of an evangelist. Get out of the church building, and go after them in the marketplace.

5. I know that there are plenty of teachers out in the marketplace that are currently training and mentoring people. Have you considered that you aren’t just a skillful trainer, but you are actually gifted by the Lord to impart understanding to others and make complex concepts seem simple.

Discover your five-fold ministry gift by reading over Ephesians 4:11 and I Corinthians 12 and ponder these service related functions. What are you currently functioning as in the marketplace? Begin to study the implications of five-fold ministry in the church and learn to apply it to the marketplace. Stay tuned to Joseph’s Mantle because we will be conducting a monthly training in our membership level one for $9.95/month on spiritual gifts, natural talents, and personality types.

I encourage you to sign up for the training and discover your gifts and start developing them.

Called to the Marketplace,
Kevin Horn
Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach

The Joseph Anointing – Anointed for Business

I am trying out a new blog cadence starting this week at Joseph’s Mantle and I would like some feedback on it. Here is my plan for the next month: Mondays are for Joseph Anointing Topics, Tuesdays are for Spiritual Gifts training, Wednesdays for Leadership tips, Thursdays for Career and Promotion advice, and Fridays are for Business and Entrepreneurs.

Now for today’s topic in the Joseph Anointing series, “Anointed For Business”. Have you ever wondered as a Christian in the Marketplace, if you were really fulfilling God’s call on your life? Have you heard sermon after sermon on how important the ministry is and working in the church’s activities are, but you have been made to feel that your work was less significant?

I do not believe that vocational ministers do it on purpose, but I think that they convey a sense of superiority when it comes to the spiritual value of their work. They were taught in seminary that they truly have a sacred work and other vocations could never be as important. Society backs up the feeling of sacred versus secular work all the time with their cries of separation of church and state.

However, I do not believe that there is a difference for the child of God between sacred and secular work. The Bible says that we are to do all of our work unto the Lord. This focus and offering of our work to the Lord makes it sacred, holy, and acceptable to the Father.

If we are to truly understand our calling as a Modern Day Joseph, then we must tear down this wall of clergy and laity, sacred and secular, church work and business done with integrity. I do not think that vocations that do not glorify the Lord are eligible for being done unto Him. However, there are those that will be sent in as Marketplace Missionaries and Marketplace Ministers to change the culture and invade enemy territory to turn the tide and rescue captives of sin.

I encourage you to receive your calling from God to enter the Marketplace and be a Christian professional who makes a difference in the seven spheres of cultural influence. Do not get trapped by old ways of thinking and feel that you have to become a preacher to fulfill God’s call on your life. If you are Anointed for Business, then David, go and recover all. Do business until He comes! Increase, Joseph, in Egypt and become the prime minister. Daniel, receive the skill from God to be ten times better than your peers in the Marketplace of Babylon. God has commissioned you. Now go and be blessed in the city and in the field.

Called to the Marketplace,
Kevin Horn