Joseph Anointing – Reclaim Seven Mountains

Joseph Anointing – Three Components of Marketplace Ministry

Joseph Anointing – Thinking Missionally in the Marketplace

Joseph Anointing – The Call of a Modern Day Joseph

Joseph Anointing for Effective Marketplace Ministry

Joseph Anointing – The Time is Now!

Time to release the strategies of Heaven in the Marketplace, the Church, and our homes! Josephs, get ready to be brought to the palace to provide the answers from Heaven to leaders who are in need of your help. You are connected to God, and they will begin to realize it when you begin to speak with the wisdom of the Lord.

Joseph Anointing – Seven Mountain Strategy

Church, let me hear ya!
What mountain of Culture has God called you to conquer?
1. Economy (Business/Technology/Science)
2. Religion
3. Education
4. Media
5. Arts, Entertainment, & Sports
6. Family
7. Government

Joseph Anointing – New infographic!

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Joseph Anointing for Marketplace Ministry