The Joseph Anointing is being released through Marketplace Ministry!

The Joseph Anointing is being poured out!  The Lord has sent His church into the world as salt and to be the Light of the World.  We are to be ambassadors of His love to a world that does not know Him or His ways.  Are you more concerned with your own church, or are you about your Father’s business to build His Kingdom?  Jesus preached the Gospel of the Kingdom and He would then demonstrate it.  We have to be immitators of Christ and take the Kingdom of God into every realm of Culture today.  Have you considered that your pastor is not the only Christian in your church called into the Gospel ministry?

Friend, you have a ministry in the Marketplace, also known as a Marketplace Ministry or Kingdom Business.  Jesus told us to occupy until He comes, which means to do business.  Are you ready for a radical change in the expression of Christianity?

It is already on the horizon as more and more believers realize their destiny as agents of His Glorious Kingdom.  We must be agents of Change.  We must be agents of Redemption.  We must be clothed in the power of Pentecost and take His power into the Marketplace, the schools, the government, the media, the arts, and into every realm.

Which moutain has God commissioned you to conquer?

1.  Economy (Business, Technology, Science)

2.  Religion

3.  Media

4.  Arts, Entertainment, & Sports

5.  Family

6.  Government

7.  Education

Go get ’em!  Take God’s Light to a dark world and see what happens.  Redemptive change is not nearly as hard as we make it out to be.  If we will have simple faith in Jesus, and obey what He commands then we will see the works of Jesus being done in every sphere of Culture.  Are you hungry to see these things come to fruition?  I know I am.  Come, Lord!  Come in Power!

Coming Soon! Prophetic Training Course for Beginners

I am excited about a series of prophetic training courses that we are rolling out this summer at and via live seminars.

We will be holding webinars, video training courses, and live seminars.

These courses are many years in the making, so they have had time to season and mature.

I believe that if you are starting your prophetic journey, these courses will be a great help to you.

Stay tuned and prepare your heart.

Increase Strategies – Part 1

I want to continue blogging on the Increase Strategies that we receive from the Lord. One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me and I will answer you, and show your great and mighty things that you do not know.”

Even on the surface, this verse is an awesome promise from the Lord about our invitation to ask him for Increase Strategies.  What are you missing because you have not asked Jesus to show you what He has waiting just for you?

What revelation are you missing because you are trying to do things yourself?

What wisdom are you doing without because you have not called upon the Lord?

Let’s call out to God in Faith, and watch the answers come to the struggles that we are facing.

Increase Strategies

I want to talk about Increase Strategies today.  I was coming back from a business trip when the Lord kept on speaking the words “Increase Strategies” to my heart.  I waited and the words just kept on coming over and over.  I knew that God wanted to release increase strategies to the Body of Christ. 

If you look at Jacob and his 12 sons, they were not poor by any means.  God had caused Jacob to prosper despite Laban’s injustice.  Jacob had the blessing of the Lord on his life because he valued spiritual things.  However, the Lord knew that famine was coming upon the known world.  Jacob and his sons were shepherds and soon their flocks would be starving.  God was moving to prosper Jacob and his family before they even knew what was going on. 

The Lord released dreams to one of Jacob’s youngest sons about the increase strategy he had for them.  Joseph was shown his future and could not keep quiet about it.  He had to tell somebody.  Unfortunately he told his dreams to everyone and nobody received them.  They rejected him and did not perceive what God was saying.  The Lord was telling Joseph that he had a promise and a plan for his life.  The message was an indication that increase was coming to Joseph.  The strategy was not what Joseph would have chosen. 

Egypt was not a place for Hebrews.  Egyptians could not even stand the thought of even eating with Hebrews.  Yet, God had a plan for increasing Joseph and Jacob and the other tribes.  Sometimes the hard time that you are walking through is just a passage way to your increase.  Sometimes the Lord has an increase strategy that is so much higher than what we can even imagine, he will only show us the end result.  We would never agree to take the first steps if we knew that we were being sent to Egypt with all of it’s evil and sorcery.  Nothing could be worse than being sent to Egypt.  Nothing could be better than being second only to Pharaoh. 

Joseph’s promotion brought increase to Israel that they would carry on into the promised land many years later.  Increase strategies are more complex than we would like them to be because they are “God things”.  The key to increase is being brave enough to trust Him when things get tough.

Welcome to Joseph’s Mantle!

I want to welcome you to the website for Joseph’s Mantle.  I hope that you find our site to be a blessing to you and an answer to your prayers.  Joseph’s Mantle is dedicated to helping Christians understand their call to the Marketplace.  The Lord is sending His people into the Marketplace to bring redemption and restoration, and they must be equipped to walk out their destiny. 

What is Joseph’s Mantle?  Joseph’s Mantle is a Christian Business and Leadership Coaching Network.  Many Christians have a desire to start a business or already own a business.  Others have received words from the Lord about having a Joseph Anointing or the Mantle of Joseph, but don’t understand what the Joseph anointing really is.  I want to help bring clarity to those Christians who feel a call to the Marketplace, but need practical steps and strategies for walking out that call. 

Joseph was anointed prophetically by God for a purpose that no one around him understood.  Yet, God had a perfect plan for Joseph, and showed him his prophetic destiny in his dreams.  In this hour, I personally believe that the Lord is strategically ordaining a Joseph generation or Joseph company as others call it.  He is calling them to take positions of Leadership in all areas of life.   In the tough economic times that we are living, it is more important than ever for this Joseph generation to understand their prophetic ministry to the marketplace.

Is God calling you to start a business?  What about starting an online business?  It does not have to be a Christian business.  In fact, God may want you to go into the darkest places of the Marketplace, so that you can shine His light and illuminate it with His love.  Just know, that God can give you strategies for increase to bless you, your house, and the church through your business.  Think of your business as Kingdom Business.  Think of your business as mission.

Are you ready to go to the next level of Leadership?  Would you like to explore the values and preparation that made Joseph into the type of Leader that God could set as Governor of all of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh?  Leadership training and God’s favor can cause you to be promoted to places that you never thought possible.  Remember, promotion comes from the Lord.

Are you in need of prophetic training for the Marketplace?  Has God given you prophetic dreams or visions?  Do you want to understand how to apply the revelation that God gives you for Business and Leadership? 

These are all important things to understand, and training will be provided at this site so that you will be equipped to walk in your calling to the Marketplace.

Are you ready for Joseph’s Mantle to be placed on your shoulders?  It’s time to wear the Coat of your Father’s Favor!