Spiritual Gifts Training – Areas of Strength and Giftedness

Have you ever had difficulty seeing for yourself?  I don’t mean your eye sight, but seeing into the realm of destiny or what your next steps in life should be?  Often times people with a prophetic gift can see easily for others, but they cannot see very well for themselves.  The reason for this is because the Lord wants us to be dependent on other members of the Body of Christ to get to our destiny.  Prophetic people would like nothing more than being independent of everyone but the Lord.  This is especially true when it comes to someone else seeing prophetically for them.  I have found that others most certainly can see my blindspots easier.  I have also found that others can sometimes see my strengths easier as well.  An easy way to learn about your gifts and strengths is to ask someone that is in relationship with you in a local church, what you do well and what your strengths are.

It seems to me that most of the church that I have been around are not operating in their spiritual gifts and strengths.  It seems that most of us are sitting in the pews on Sunday, and working an unfulfilling job Monday through Friday.  Saturday seems to be the day that we allow ourselves to move toward our passion.  It is on Saturday that we relax and work on our hobbies.  Could it be that we should seek to incorporate our strengths, knowledge, and passion in our work and church service?  I believe that when we start doing what we love, we will find fulfillment.  I believe that when we start doing what comes easy to us, that we will start getting rewarded like Joseph for excercising our gifts.

This week, I encourage you to ask your family, your peers, your church members and leadership what you do best.  I encourage you to record their answers and take a spiritual gift test.  Then, evaluate where your gifts, passions, and strengths all meet.  You will find more productivity than you ever thought possible by just moving in your strengths instead of someone else’s plan for you.  Go with God’s plan and design for your life.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach