Spiritual Gifts Training – The Importance of Paying Attention

Random Thoughts and Feelings

How many times during your day do you have a thought about something or some situation and it just seems to come out of no where?  How many times do you feel something in your spirit or your gut and you wonder why you are feeling a certain way that has no logical explanation?  Think about these instances and ask yourself if these thoughts and feelings proved accurate by happenings later on in the day or the next day?

Not Getting the Message

I have found that most Christians do not believe that the Lord speaks to them very much, if at all.  I have also found that God is speaking all the time, and they are just not listening to Him.  Job 33 says that God speaks once, twice, but nobody pays attention.  Then, in a dream, in a vision of the night, the Lord speaks to them and seals their instruction to keep their soul from the pit.  I believe that we would be so much better off if we just paid more attention to the Holy Spirit’s voice speaking through our heart, thoughts, and feelings.  We have to get better at gathering our manna that the Lord is leaving for us.

An Exercise in Paying Attention

Let’s take the rest of this week and pay attention to the Lord’s voice as best we can.  Pay attention to your random thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding situations in the Marketplace.  Pray and ask the Lord to speak to you regarding those in the Marketplace around you.  God cares about their soul and He wants to touch them through you and your credible witness.

God also wants to bless your business or your workplace.  Pay attention to the voice of the Lord speaking increase strategies and ways to prosper for your marketplace sphere.

Are you listening?  Are you watching?  Are you in touch with your emotions that are submitted to God?  Pay attention.  He is speaking.

Called to the Marketplace,

Kevin Horn

Author ~ Speaker ~ Coach