The Joseph Anointing – Anointed for Business

I am trying out a new blog cadence starting this week at Joseph’s Mantle and I would like some feedback on it. Here is my plan for the next month: Mondays are for Joseph Anointing Topics, Tuesdays are for Spiritual Gifts training, Wednesdays for Leadership tips, Thursdays for Career and Promotion advice, and Fridays are for Business and Entrepreneurs.

Now for today’s topic in the Joseph Anointing series, “Anointed For Business”. Have you ever wondered as a Christian in the Marketplace, if you were really fulfilling God’s call on your life? Have you heard sermon after sermon on how important the ministry is and working in the church’s activities are, but you have been made to feel that your work was less significant?

I do not believe that vocational ministers do it on purpose, but I think that they convey a sense of superiority when it comes to the spiritual value of their work. They were taught in seminary that they truly have a sacred work and other vocations could never be as important. Society backs up the feeling of sacred versus secular work all the time with their cries of separation of church and state.

However, I do not believe that there is a difference for the child of God between sacred and secular work. The Bible says that we are to do all of our work unto the Lord. This focus and offering of our work to the Lord makes it sacred, holy, and acceptable to the Father.

If we are to truly understand our calling as a Modern Day Joseph, then we must tear down this wall of clergy and laity, sacred and secular, church work and business done with integrity. I do not think that vocations that do not glorify the Lord are eligible for being done unto Him. However, there are those that will be sent in as Marketplace Missionaries and Marketplace Ministers to change the culture and invade enemy territory to turn the tide and rescue captives of sin.

I encourage you to receive your calling from God to enter the Marketplace and be a Christian professional who makes a difference in the seven spheres of cultural influence. Do not get trapped by old ways of thinking and feel that you have to become a preacher to fulfill God’s call on your life. If you are Anointed for Business, then David, go and recover all. Do business until He comes! Increase, Joseph, in Egypt and become the prime minister. Daniel, receive the skill from God to be ten times better than your peers in the Marketplace of Babylon. God has commissioned you. Now go and be blessed in the city and in the field.

Called to the Marketplace,
Kevin Horn