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Kevin has a passion to equip Christians to hear the voice of the Lord and help them discover their God given spiritual gifts.

After we discover our gifts, it is important to develop them.  Jesus told a parable about three men who were given talents to steward.  One man was given five talents, and he aggressively used his talents to increase them to ten.  One was given two talents, and he used them to increase to three.  The last man was fearful and was scared of his manager so he buried his talent in the ground so that he would not lose it.  The manager was angry with the man who did not use his talent and took it away from him so that he had none.  The man that increased his talents to ten was given the fearful man’s talent as a bonus for being such a good steward.

I challenge you to take this parable from Jesus and apply it to your life when it comes to your spiritual gifts, natural talents, and abilities.

Discover your gifts, talents, and abilities.  Learn how to develop them and how to make an impact with them in the Marketplace.

Kevin will be interviewing guests from time to time that are experts in various spiritual gifts and other specialties.

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